MBBS at USA is a fantasy of many pupils. Career Voyage, a top Research MBBS Abroad consultant has partnered with assorted top rated universities in USA/ Caribbean providing medical studies to overseas students.

Medical schools are affordable and nice choices for pupils. Colleges with recognition and ECFMG are providing rotations in USA for knowledge and practice . Caribbean medical schools have 89 percent usmle 3 achievement ratio.

USA is one of the states qualified for exemption.

Career Voyage has partnered with Universities for MBBS in USA


Central American Caribbean medical colleges rigorously stick to the US Education program and program and are concentrated towards preparing Doctor work force for nations like USA, Canada, etc

Faculties have tie ups in India offering initial 6 month of base program in Indian Medical Colleges. It helps pupils understand that the class construction and to become buddy with course mates.

In many Universities, pupils compose the NBME — National Board of Medical Examiners’ evaluation, USA’s board assessments on completion of Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences. (In different nations, the tests are internal or ran by the regional authorities’ examination authority)

NBME is your human body which conducts the board exams for Medical students studying in the US Schools.

NBME is your human body which conducts the USMLE examinations too. Hence, 100% exactly the program followed in USA / Canada are followed by the majority of these healthcare universities.

Especially, Pathology, Internal, Family and neighborhood Medication modules are exactly the same as in USA (In different nations its distinct )

High standards of living; Safe, safe and tranquil atmosphere.

Shorter course durations: 4 — 5.5 Years for Indian High School passed outs

MCAT Scores not mandatory

Premedical eligibility isn’t compulsory in several universities for Indian students with strong academic foundation

IELTS / TOEFL scores aren’t compulsory in many universities

Committed USMLE instruction / trainings during the course of research

Chance to perform two decades of Clinical rotations curriculum in teaching hospitals in USA / UK(In different nations, it may be max of 12weeks CLERKSHIP)

Chance to perform Clinical rotations at Government hospitals in the Caribbean area too.

100% complimentary established post graduate instruction in USA / alternative developed nations on successful completion of USMLE or alternative respective licensing exams with great score

Stipend paid throughout Post Graduate Instruction

Climatic conditions like India (temperatures ranging from 20⁰C to 32⁰C); great medical centers are also available from the area that’s a thriving Medical tourism destination also.

1000s of Indians are located in the area hence offering tranquility and comfort for those pupils.

Few universities are conducted by Indian managements with great number of Indian pupils.

Practical and Perfectly planned schooling program and blueprint that results in high achievement rates in licensing assessments (such as USMLE, MCI, PLAB, AMC etc)

As much as 5-10 times lower price compared to analyzing Study MBBS Abroad, or other Significant states

Three intakes annually: January, April and September

High Visa success rate and reduced documentation demands

Shortage of Physicians in USA, enriches likelihood of Residency at USA

Generally, these universities are somewhat very similar to entry exam Olympiad schools working in parts of India and IIT.

The apps are career value for money.

Bodies recognize and approved the Faculties we suggest such as

MBBS at USA are organised such that after the pupils clear Measure 1 of USMLE after completing Basic Medical Sciences in Yr 2 (in some instances Yr 3) they might continue their 3rd and 4th year — clinical trials (in few instances 4th and 5th years) in related MBBS at USA (Optional). Without emptying PLAB/USMLE students can perform the balance in UK.

“Residency” is also an alternative for students to pursue Post Graduate instruction / Specialization at a teaching hospital at USA / Canada / UK, and so on, on job based research style. The PG app is 100% free of tuition charge. An Excellent stipend is paid throughout the progra

Pupils generally earn back what they’ve spent in their UG schooling in a period of 1 — 1.5 decades. They have really good odds of settling in the states from.

Further have benefits back in India.

Know more about the eligibility standards and requirements, entry assessments, universities, prices, visa achievement rates, future career prospects, etc

Apply for your college of your decision with academic papers, statement of objective, reference correspondence, etc

On successful entrance and payment of part of tuition cost, prepare the Visa records and apply to Visa and make travel arrangements

On Visa endorsement, fly into Central America / Caribbean. Register together with the University.

Research Pre Medical class (1 — 1.5 Yr if needed ).

Research Basic Medical Sciences — 5 Conditions (2 Years).

Compose NBME Board Tests and USMLE Step 1 (USMLE is discretionary )

Research Clinical Sciences at USA / Canada / UK (PLAB/USMLE not mandatory ) / the Caribbean teaching hospitals (two Decades, really 72 months )

Compose USMLE Step 2 CK and CS (Optional)

Compose NMBE Clinical board examinations

Graduate — Make a Doctor of Medicine — MD level equal to MBBS in India

Apply for Residency application in USA during NRMP after effective USMLE Step 1, Step 2 — CK and CS scores

Pursue Residency in USA / Canada / other Nations. Month study PG of Price, make stipend of USD 3,500 — 8,000 /. Earn Specialization specialty. Apparent USMLE BECOME A FULLY LICENCED PHYSICIAN IN USA / Canada / and Step 3 other states!


Expenses involved with researching medicine can differ from university to college. In an average, the price can change from INR 30-60 Lakhs overall, inclusive of meals lodging, educational and miscellaneous costs, traveling, etc.. In universities that the price may go large.

On the other hand, the expense involved in pursuing an identical Research MBBS Abroad, is extremely large. The pupils, on clearing USMLE / licensing exams that are alternative get an entry to the program, which can be rewarding for the student two decades.


Scholarships are available to aspiring students according to academic performance and merit, fire towards analyzing medication, desire, etc.. Career Voyage staff would encourage all students.

Colleges in the Caribbean have 3 intakes annually — January, May and September.

Students should use at least two weeks before the program start date for admissions. The files are:

Period may change . Contact Career Voyage for help and info in procedure and your program.

Exercise Medicine at Caribbean/South America/USA

We’ve got a variety of universities that are recognised that are CAAM-HP. CAAM-HP recognition allows you to begin practising after conclusion of your MBBS immediately from the Caribbean/South America as a doctor. Minimum salary of physician in this area is $2000-$2500/month.

Caribbean or Central American nations offer students intending to study medication with visa accessibility that is simple.

Most nations provide 1 visa for those pupils, which is revived on birth basis.

These documents are needed for renewal and the Visa program:

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